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We are Spacebase - a worldwide booking platform for workshop locations and meeting rooms. We want to make your life easier and save you from boring, boxy and grey meeting rooms. With us, finding and booking extraordinary locations for meetings and workshops is easy, quick and cheap. Thanks to our international team, Spacebase has established a network of more than 4000 spaces in over 30 cities in 12 different countries. Our diverse portfolio includes something for every company and some of the most imaginative spaces in the world - from a perfectly curated designer's loft to a skill-building boxing arena.


The Spacebase team is a diverse and international bunch of people that are excited to be part of a fast-growing global venture. We offer a progressive learning environment that cultivates a variety of skills and we are proud to have individuals from all over the world working in our Berlin office. Find out more about us by clicking the pictures. Interested in joining the Spacebase family? Check out our job descriptions below.


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Julian Jost

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Our Story

Changing the way we meet - that is the goal of the Spacebase founders Julian Jost and Jan Hoffmann-Keining. During their time as business consultants, they took part in countless meetings and workshops - but they never heard anyone utter, 'I love meetings!' After sitting through many unstimulating, time-consuming meetings, they turned their eye towards innovation. By employing the concept of sharing economy, they aim to turn the traditional meeting aspect of companies towards a livelier, more engaging future. Spacebase was founded in 2014 by Julian and Jan together with investor and online-travel pioneer, Stephan Ekbergh.

Julian and Jan


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